Sina-cism: For toxicity antidote, see 1898

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All politics is local, Tip O’Neill famously said. In 2016, all politics is toxic.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

Consider National Review versus Donald Trump. NR’s “Against Trump” issue features 22 conservatives offering well-reasoned arguments why Trump should not be the GOP standard-bearer.

Here is novelist and political commentator Mark Helprin’s assessment:

“He doesn’t know the Constitution, history, law, political philosophy, nuclear strategy, diplomacy, defense, economics beyond real estate, or even, despite his low-level-mafioso comportment, how ordinary people live.

“But trumping all this is a greater flaw presented as his chief strength. Governing a great nation in parlous times is far more than making ‘deals.’ Compared with the weight of the office he seeks, his deals are microscopic in scale, and as he faced far deeper complexities he would lead the country into continual Russian roulette …”

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