Part 7: More Attention, More Friends … More Enemies

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I returned to Gambia on Dec. 28, 2000, amid continuous struggle.

My rent had accumulated while I was away in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and I had no money to pay it. Many people did not know about my operation, nor did I tell them where I was. Because of the operation on my leg, I was still quite slow to move around but I did anyway.

Augustine Kanjia

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

Augustine Kanjia

I had returned to take up journalism and make a name for myself. I already had contacts in many quarters. They could give me tips on news and current happenings. I made friends with some police commissioners, although it did not prove easy.

I returned with two major feelings, joy and the thought of starting over. I was joyful because my wife delivered a baby girl on Oct. 3, 2000.

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