Obituaries, Jan. 20, 2016

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Katherine Marie Arpano, 6, of Ashburnham

Varantsov Azizian, 82, of Boylston

Richard C. Bousquet, 65, of Webster

Peter C. Brewer, 62, of Princeton

Joyce A. Brown, 80, of Gardner

Florence A. (McGuiness) Carlson, 84, of Worcester

Kathryn M. (Stone) Crain, 93, of Leominster

Donald H. Dietlin Sr., 84, of Auburn

Madelyn L. (LaForce) DiGregorio, 90, of Sturbridge

Christopher M. DiRusso, 60, of Longwood Fla., and Leominster

Antina T. (Juoconis) Dunne, 91, of Worcester

Marion R. Fuller, 73, of Lancaster

Kenneth “Ken” P. Garron, 54, of Sutton

Gerald J. “Gerry” Hamel, 62, of Worcester

Marijane Jones, 96, of Worcester

Thomas F. Jones, 89, of Charlton

Helen R. Kouri, 90, of Shrewsbury

Mitchell S. Lipka, 53, of Worcester

Jacqueline Dame Lombardi of Worcester

Phyllis May (Walker) MacKay, 85, of Holden

William B. Mackie, 101, of Worcester and West Boylston

Paul D. McGuiggan, 78, of West Boylston

Phyllis McKanas, 89, of Dudley

Robert A. McManus, 88, of Worcester and West Boylston

Lorraine M. Messier, 88, of Spencer

Robert L. Padovano, 88, of Leominster

George C. Panagiotidis, 72, of Paxton

Diana J. (Courage) Perkins, 67, of Clinton

George J. Provost, 78, of Sturbridge

Louise (Perrotta)  Raymond, 80, of Webster

Elizabeth J. “Beth” (Ford) Reynolds, 65, of Auburn

Helen L. (Allen) Rugg, 92, of Sterling

Carl V. Schavone, 91, of Holden

Donald R. Scott, 63, of Auburn

Muriel R. (Whitcomb) Senter, 89, of Sterling

Ruth D. (Nims) “Tess” Sherman, 76, of Auburn

Warner “Bill” Smith, 101, of Barre

Kelly M. Stewart, 34, of Northbridge

Betteann (Gabis) Swindell, 69, of Worcester

Helen M. (Grudzinski) Ubaldino, 64, of Worcester

Joseph A. Wilson, 94, of Oxford

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