Obituaries, Jan. 15, 2016

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Raymond H. Bergman, Jr., 72, of Holden

Donald R. Berthiaume 76, of Spencer

Craig E. Binette, 48, of Oxford

Jeanette A. (Ricord) Blouin, 83, of Worcester

Pauline C. (Blanchard) Brooks, 83, of Auburn

Jane D. (Dowd) Carlson, 85, of Lancaster

Ann M. (Devlin) Connors, 90, of Uxbridge

Gina DiMarzio, 93, of Leominster

Eloise P. (Glover) Ducharme, 92, of Millbury

Marc A. Duff, 60, of Worcester

Merton “Charlie” E. Edlin, 100, of Holden

Barbara (Sullivan) Faford, 75, of Grafton

Marvel Frink, 87, of Worcester

Doris A Goguen, 84, of Gardner and Winchendon

Susan R. (Marsh) Hall, 82, of Holden and Rutland

Jennie M. (Kozek) Harper, 79, of Uxbridge

Patricia A. (Quirk) Howe, 50, of Gardner

Maureen (O’Grady) Janulewicz, 65, of Auburn

Bruce R. Jarvis, 80, of Boylston

Adriana Lanzarini, 50, of Shrewsbury

Thomas E. Lazour, 64, of Worcester and Portsmouth, N.H. 

Dawn M. LeBlanc, 50, of Worcester

Emily (Ventura) LeBlanc, 64, of Worcester

Richard “Dick” S. List, 80, of Northborough

Raymond Paul Lojko, 72, of Worcester

Robert LoPriore III, 58 of Worcester

Brian J. “Bunny” O’Reilly, 82, of Oxford and Greenwood, S.C.

Richard H. Pierce, 79, of Leominster

Joanna (DiPilato) Roskidany of Auburn

Gwendolyn E (Poirier) Sanford, 87, of Oakham

Muriel R. (Whitcomb) Senter, 89, of Sterling

Lorraine E. (Choiniere) Springer, 89, of Worcester

Helen O. (Osborne) Wessels, 87, of Sterling

Dorothy Evelyn Whippee, 92, of Barre

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