Local Business Spotlight: Whiskey Tango

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Another establishment is joining the fray of Worcester’s sudden new obsession with bars whose names start with the word “Whiskey.”

A pair of bar owners from the Canal District with a recent track record of success is hoping lightning strikes twice — this time with a college crowd that likes to spend money on Park Avenue — with a third “Whiskey”-themed bar coming to Worcester this winter.

Whiskey Tango, at 377 Park Ave., will be joining Whiskey on Water at 97 Water St. and Whiskey Lounge [Check back with the Sun next week for more on this one.] at 316 Main St. — all of which will open this winter.

Whiskey Tango's owners hope to bring "good crowds" back to a familiar Park Avenue location.

Courtesy Dana Felicetti

Whiskey Tango’s owners hope to bring “good crowds” back to a familiar Park Avenue location.

Whiskey Tango will open this month under the direction of owners Dana Felicetti and Wayne Russell, two of the current owners of Union Tavern on Green Street.

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