Local Business Spotlight: Whiskey takes its shot in downtown Worcester

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Don Draper might have ended a chain-smoking era of whiskey, indulgence and pressures on the iconic TV obsession “Mad Men” by buying the world a Coke, but Roger Bachour, owner of Whiskey lounge, 316 Main St., has plans to reignite a new era of his own in the downtown nightlife scene.

Wouldn’t you know it, whiskey and smoking are involved.

Whiskey hookah and cigar lounge, 316 Main St.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Whiskey hookah and cigar lounge, 316 Main St.

As you might expect after you’ve just walked beneath the “Whiskey” marquee and between golden logos of Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker, dignified bottles of whiskey, scotch and bourbon from Chivas 25 to Jameson to all the Glens, line the top shelves of the newly opened bar, accompanied by an array of distinct cigars and hookah rigs.

The reminiscent tones of “Mad Men” are echoed in the lighting, décor and sounds that fill the air of the nightly local forerunner of the newest whiskey trend in the city.

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