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Despite looming deadline, Advanced Academy could be year off, officials say |  “Depending on the gap, we will be faced with some difficult decisions, including whether the opening of the Advanced Academy should be postponed for one year,” interim school boss Marco C. Rodrigues told the Sun’s Patrick Sargent. “However, I am confident that the internal option I was investigating may become a reality.” Get the latest on the ambitious high school program.

Marco Rodrigues

Courtesy of Worcester Public Schools

Worcester Public Schools interim superintendent Marco Rodrigues

Editorial: Recreation Worcester expansion good policy, but leaves questions |  Beginning next week the city is expanding its youth program, Recreation Worcester, into a year-long after-school initiative. Any investment in children is one worth making, but there are legitimate concerns about whether this program can fulfill its initial promise.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 27]: Cost in translation |  The city, through a partnership with social-service agency Ascentria, trumpeted a new program this week that will provide free interpreters to assist residents interacting with municipal employees. Win-win, right? Well then, why does Hitch seem to think some residents out there still won’t have their voices heard? Let’s find out.

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

Part 9: More Suffering, More Tears |  “Blood was all over the place and there was no one to help get me up. I cried within and a large tear was visible as my daughter stood by me crying as she held me by my shoulder. She cried of hunger coupled with my fall.” Will this latest setback in Augustine Kanjia’s journey from his war-torn homeland to Worcester be the antidote to his perseverance? Find out, in the newest installment of his Augustine’s unbelievably true story.

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