Editorial: Meet a Muslim Day sets high standard for community

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Diversity is one of the defining issues of our time.

Incorporating such emotionally and politically charged themes of race, religion and lifestyle, diversity has proved time and again to be a root cause of divisiveness in our communities, our region, our nation and the world.

Our connected world enables this readily, with digital communities of bias and hate being easily convened and exploited.

The natural counterbalance to this is to re-establish the sense of community-based geography. In other words, diversity is possible when members of the community integrate rather than segregate.

Government has a role to play. We saw it last summer with the seven dialogues on race. Indeed, the Sun has advocated in the past for continuing the dialogues.

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2 thoughts on “Editorial: Meet a Muslim Day sets high standard for community

  1. Is it true that a cleric from this mosque is in Federal prison on terrorist charges? Why did no- one from the mosque want to go on the Jordan Levy Show? Why did the mosque response insult all the listeners of the show?

    • This is not quite true. A man who was a volunteer at the school for less than a month was later found guilty, that’s true. However, he was not a cleric at the mosque nor was he an official there. This is from the Telegram & Gazette story here.

      Controversy has touched the Worcester Islamic Center. In 2012, a former volunteer teacher at the mosque’s school was sentenced to 17 years and 6 months in federal prison on terrorism charges. Tarek Mehanna, 29, of Sudbury, was found guilty of conspiring to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq and providing material support to the terrorist organization al-Qaida.
      Mrs. Ives said Mr. Mehanna was an employee at the Alhuda Academy at the Worcester Islamic Center for less than a month. “To our knowledge, there was never anything radical that he spoke about or preached or did on premises,” she said. “He wasn’t affiliated with us for very long, and nobody was aware of anything. We would have reported it.”

      We can’t speak to the issue of “Jordan Levy Show”. What we can say is that the crowd yesterday was estimated to be 1,500 or more and we did not see anyone who was not greeted warmly.