Editorial: Local search for superintendent a step in the right direction

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Worcester School Committee member John Monfredo placed an item on the committee’s Thursday, Jan. 21, agenda which reads: “To request that the School Committee conduct an internal search, under the direction of Mayor Petty, for the next superintendent with a deadline sometime in March for the final interviews.”

John Monfredo

Courtesy LinkedIn

John Monfredo

The debate over whether to conduct a national or local search to replace departed school boss Melinda J. Boone has been ongoing since the School Committee chose by a 4-3 vote to name former chief academic officer Marco C. Rodrigues interim superintendent in October.

Monfredo was one of three committee members, with Brian O’Connell and Dianna Biancheria, to support South High Community School Principal Maureen F. Binienda in October.

As we wrote on Oct. 25, “The clear and unambiguous support of two internal candidates leads us to a simple question about holding a nationwide search: Why?”

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