Editorial: A ‘more inclusive and more equitable’ Worcester

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Last Tuesday, Jan. 26, City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr., released his second quarterly update on the administration’s “plan to implement strategies and policies that will ensure a community that is committed to working to protect civil rights.”

Malika Carter

Submitted photo

Malika Carter begins her job as the city’s chief diversity officer on Feb. 8.

Building on and surpassing the gains reported in his September update, Augustus announced progress on multiple fronts that address five areas of focus:

— Creating a more Diverse and Culturally Competent Workforce

— Improving Public Safety Relations with the Community

— Providing Opportunities for Young People

— Expanding Efforts to Educate and Engage Public on the Electoral Process

— Enhancing Economic Development Opportunities

The highlight was the Jan. 15 announcement of the hiring of Malika Carter, PhD, as the city’s chief diversity officer.

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