Despite looming deadline, Advanced Academy could be year off, officials say

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Today [Wednesday, Jan. 27] is the last day for prospective locations to get their proposals in to be the first home of the Worcester school district’s Advanced Academy high school.

District administration stopped accepting location proposals this morning at 10 a.m. and will begin the review process of the submitted proposals.

According to Worcester Public Schools interim Superintendent Marco C. Rodrigues, whatever space the city decides on will have to be ready to host the academy in time for next school year.

“We continue to plan all aspects of the academy with the intent of opening it in September,” Rodrigues wrote in an email. “Meanwhile, I am exploring some internal options that would not incur additional costs to the district.”

As to what those internal options are, Rodrigues wouldn’t comment because it is “not public information yet.” But he said the options would be shared soon.

According to School Committee member John Monfredo, however, plans to open the school and have it ready for next school year may be stalled because of a lack of funding in next year’s budget.

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