Worcesternomics: Improving housing prices, one loan at a time

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Houses that fall into disrepair can drag down resale values in a neighborhood. This is as practical as it is intuitive.

But can houses that require repairs and get them increase the value of neighboring houses? And how do those homes and neighborhoods compare with those in which there are houses that require repair and do not get them?

A groundbreaking study from a recent Clark University student for the first time answered those questions.

Joe Biasi

Courtesy John C. Brown

Clark University graduate Joe Biasi presents his findings at the recent Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management in Miami.

In “Positive Impacts of Housing Reinvestment in Worcester,” 2015 Clark graduate Joe Biasi used data from the city assessor’s office and applications to Worcester Community Housing Resources’ Community Loan Fund to present a unique view into the effects of home repair loans.

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