Sun Shine: Compassion, help at any hour from Pathways for Change

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In a small office on Main Street, trained counselors are answering calls around the clock from victims of sexual violence.

The free 24/7 hotline managed by Pathways for Change, a nonprofit focused on addressing the impact of sexual assault and abuse, has counselors working the phones every day to provide support to victims of sexual violence.

pathwayslogoAccording to the organization’s counseling director, Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, who oversees the hotline services, Pathways receives upwards of 1,000 calls per year, and the hotline itself is what sparked the beginning of Pathways for Change.

“The very first thing that came out of this agency was the hotline. It was the hotline first, and then the agency built up around it,” LeBoeuf said.

Founded in March 1973, Pathways for Change was one of the first rape crisis centers to open in Massachusetts. It serves 47 cities and towns in Worcester County.

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