Sun Serial: A Mother’s Journey | Part 7 — The keys to success

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Editor’s note: Since September, Worcester Sun has chronicled the trials, tribulations and triumphs of Sun contributor Giselle Rivera-Flores as she explores ways to help her daughter and other Worcester families find affordable educational support and assistance. We used to describe her as an aspiring business owner; now, she’s an inspiring one, a full-fledged director of a Pleasant Street tutoring center set to open early 2016. This is the seventh installment of Giselle’s story. To start from the beginning, follow the links at the end of the post.

By definition, an entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise. If you have spoken to an entrepreneur, though, you would know that the definition given by Webster’s dictionary is full of flaws.

Yes, entrepreneurs are individuals who start businesses. Yes, entrepreneurs are individuals who organize, manage and assume all risk in a business.

But what Webster fails to mention is that entrepreneurs are also individuals who see the world through a different lens. They portray the world as it should be, constantly seeking ways to improve or fill the necessary gaps to create a better product, socio-economic benefit and an overall sense of autonomy and self-pride.

They strive time and time again to gain just a touch of progress.

The keys to success, indeed -- The Learning Hub is coming soon to Pleasant Street.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

The keys to success, indeed — The Learning Hub is coming soon to Pleasant Street.

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