Obituaries, Dec. 9, 2015

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James E. ”Jim” Baker, 94, of Naples, Fla., and Shrewsbury

Lucy (Szczesniak) Bartkiewicz, 92, of Worcester

Patricia A. (Marino) Benz, 59, of Leominster

Joan E. (Moody) Chabot, 73, of Oxford

Mary F. Domaka, 98, of Worcester

Geraldine (Jeri) DiMassa, 69, of Leominster

Mary F. Domaka, 98, of Worcester

Gary Edward Eidinger, 56, of Westminster

Elke Eisenmann, 59, of Worcester and Millbury

Jon C. Gallivan, Sr., 48, of Auburn

Micia “Mitch” Gartsu, 85, of Worcester

Angelina M. “Angie” (DeToma) Giorgio, 90, of Worcester

Robert B. Girard, 86, of Sutton

Jeannine H. (Brassard) Hacanis, 83, of Auburn

Deborah Lou (Dawson) Holup, 68, of Auburn

Margaret M. “Peggy” (Hynes) Horst, 84, of Clinton

Dena E. Kennedy, 61, of Uxbridge

Cynthia M. (Souza) Laba, 62, of Shrewsbury

Pauline E. (Lohnes) Lambert, 94, of Worcester

Ronald A. “Ronnie” Ledoux, 78, of Webster

Helen M. (Nelson) Lincoln, 86, of Warren

Charleen M. (Scesny) Regonini Maddocks, 68, of Worcester

Donald R. Mahan, Sr., 82, of Charlton

Claire M. (Isabelle) Malley, 83, of Webster

Cornelius McCarthy, 76, of Worcester

Martin J. “Marty” McCormick, 72, of Worcester

Harold A. Moulton, Jr., 90, of Holden

David James Murray, 90, of Shrewsbury

Lisa Joy Norkus, 38, of Douglas

Elsie D. Norman, 98, of Auburn and Sutton

David F. O’Hara, 76, of Northborough

Kathleen D. (Rourke) Puzo, 81, of Worcester

Ralph Russo, 91, of Worcester

Maria (Wojcik) Schwarzenberg, 89, of Worcester

Joshua M. Sdrout, 30, of Thompson. Conn.

Michael Arthur Shooshan, 82, of Worcester

James R. “Jimmy” Smilie, 66, of Worcester

Rev. Joseph F. Szwach, 86, of Webster

Robert R. Trudeau, 58, of Rochdale

William B. Tuttle, 81, of Sterling

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