Obituaries, Dec. 27, 2015

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James G. “Garfield” Adams, 86, of Worcester

Charles Adleman, 77, of Worcester

Bruce T. Allen, 62, of Auburn and Westborough

Kevin A. Anthony, 70, of Northborough

Mary V. Arakelian, 93, of Whitinsville

Mary Greenleaf (Toomey) Baker, 87, of Spencer

Richard L. Boeninghaus, 69

Terrance B. Booth, 78, of Sterling

Carol M. (Toto) Brodsky, 83, of Millbury

Helen M. (Rasmussen) Burda, 82, of Millbury

William J. Burke, 67, of West Boylston

Ramazan “Ray” Cevik, 44, of Paxton

James P. Cullen, 81, of Shrewsbury

MaryLou (Doane) Delisle, 61, of North Brookfield

Marion Dimitri, 88, of West Boylston

Raymond W. Duffy, 83, of Boylston

Leroy H. Fortin Sr., 87, of Oxford

Gloria J. (Pomerleau) Gauthier, 68, of Oxford and Millbury

Lisa M. (Silvia) Gordon, 48, of Shrewsbury

Robert Joseph Ham, 84, of Worcester

John D. Hamilton, 94, of Worcester

Albert G. Homon, 77, of Winchendon

Maureen D. (Turnbull) Karalus, 79, of Worcester

Patricia I. (Fair) Karockai of Worcester

Frank D. Kinney, 86, of Brookfield

B. Paul Krikorian, 89, of Worcester

Anna C. Krusas, 99, formerly of Worcester

Jane E. Lamoureux, 75, of Sturbridge

Shepley P. “Chet” LaPan, 84 of Worcester

Vincentia E. “Vinny” (Vecchione) Limanek, 102, of Uxbridge

Victor J. Martello Jr., 58, of Worcester

Edgard Nieves, 30, of Worcester

David L. Nourse, 84, of Shrewsbury

Roberta B. Ohman, 62, of Worcester

Ann M. Olson, 83, of Worcester

Anne T. (McAuliffe) O’Malley of Worcester

Peter M. Pavone, 92, of Worcester

Haridat (Harry) Prashad, 54, of Worcester

Mary T. (Howe) Shamoian, 58, of Spencer

Mary L. (Vecchione) Wallace, 104, of Douglas

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