Local Business Spotlight: Shanty hopes to catch on to Shrewsbury Street dining scene

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What do a civil engineer and a partner in the biotech industry have in common? Two successful restaurants in the heart of Worcester and the debut of their newest venture: Somethin’ Catchy Seafood Shanty at 358 Shrewsbury St.

For many, a job loss can be a damaging event, but for Rose-Ellen Padavano, the loss of her job in biotech was a moment of inspiration; a moment that became life-defining and led her to the road less traveled: entrepreneurship.

Rose-Ellen Padavano, left, and Angela Padavano recently opened Somethin' Catchy on Shrewsbury Street.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Rose-Ellen Padavano, left, and Angela Padavano recently opened Somethin’ Catchy on Shrewsbury Street.

“I have always loved to cook. I love people. I love to entertain,” says Padavano. “So, when I was laid off, I was 34 years old at the time and just went with the idea.”

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