Editorial: HEART Initiative a bold step in public-private partnerships

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Yesterday morning at City Hall Anna Maria College and Quinsigamond Community College signed an agreement to create an innovative public-private transfer agreement between the schools.

Mary Lou Retelle and Gail Carberry

Sun Staff / The Worcester Sun

Anna Maria College President Mary Lou Retelle, seated left, and Quinsigamond Community College President Gail Carberry, seated right, sign an agreement establishing the HEART Initiative partnership between the schools yesterday at City Hall.

The agreement signed by Quinsigamond President Gail Carberry and Anna Maria President Mary Lou Retelle caps the cost of four years of study at $40,000. The program is open to those studying the fields of criminal justice, fire science, human services and social work.

Transfer agreements, also known as articulation agreements, are common in higher education. However, the Higher Education and Active Responsiveness through Transfer (HEART) Initiative is ground-breaking for two reasons.

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