Worcesternomics: Give back and get back with the Community Investment Tax Credit

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Mullen Sawyer

The Worcester Sun

Mullen Sawyer, executive director of Oak Hill Community Development Corporation

The economics of mail-in rebates are easy to understand. That pack of Energizer batteries you picked up because you saw a $4 price tag costs you $8 at the counter. You get back $4 after you fill out a rebate form, stick a stamp on an envelope and wait 8-12 weeks.

The economics of tax credits are a different animal altogether. There are many of them out there, but they all have different requirements and restrictions. Indeed, ask many people about tax credits and the response you’re likely to get is, “My accountant handles that.”

However, what if we told you there’s a Massachusetts tax credit available that gives you back 50 percent of a charitable donation, supports community development work in Worcester, and works much like a mail-in rebate?

Do we have your attention?

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