Sun Serial: A Mother’s Journey | Part 5 — The point of no return

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Lately, I forget to breathe.

It has been an exceptionally fast-paced seven weeks and with the pieces finally falling into place – more so than they initially were – it seems that I will be the owner of a tutoring center sooner than anticipated.

The process is nowhere near the end, although at times I wish it were. Squaring away the major obstacles of the business has left me to focus on the minor details, which in turn have been the most complex.

My last meeting with Peter Dunn, business program manager for the city’s economic development office, led me to an amazing little space at 253 Pleasant St.

The soon-to-be home of The Learning Hub at 253 Pleasant St.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

The soon-to-be home of The Learning Hub at 253 Pleasant St.

The space is 450 square feet with an open area, two 10×10 office spaces and an individual entrance. The space caters to the very needs of my tutoring business – as a startup. I immediately envisioned the space filled with students learning and asking intriguing questions about their math problems or browsing through our bookshelves for their next mini-reading adventure, while other students focused on how to create a science project for their school fair.

The place was perfection – well, by my definition of perfection.

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