Part 5: The Soccer Match That Changed My Life

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At the end of each school year the staffs of Saint Edward’s Lower Basic School and Saint Edward’s Upper Basic would gather together. The gathering would include a soccer match between the schools to see who was the best.

Preparations were underway in June for a party and the soccer match on the closing day in July. My school made contributions for a party after the match. I learned earlier that it could be dangerous to eat at a party in the village because they believed in revenge.

Augustine Kanjia

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Augustine Kanjia, after a week in the hospital to fix his broken leg

Was I their favorite? I could not tell because some would laugh with me and smile and talk a little, but what remained in their hearts was enormous and it was unspoken. In fact, my decision on that day was to leave them playing their game, and bid them farewell and go to the city.

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