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Part 5: The Soccer Match That Changed My Life |  “I had the chance to choose between a private school and my journalism. The private school paid well and I had been deprived of salary for a long time. My situation was dangerous. Hardship was [pervasive]. I could not pay rent, so we were tossed from one house to another until I settled down at my new school. That too was unstable. The education secretary for the Catholic Mission used his influence to let them kick me out.” … Read more in the latest chapter of Augustine Kanjia’s unbelievably true story.

Augustine Kanjia

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Augustine Kanjia, after a week in the hospital to fix his broken leg

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Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola is back writing for Worcester readers.

Sina-cism: A run of the Mill situation |  “Sadly, [the thinking of scholars in 1859] appears to be rather far ahead of that of many of our contemporaries. This is best illustrated by college students nationwide who have staged protests, sit-ins, boycotts and shouting matches to air grievances whose substance and specificity are so vaporous as to make analysis of their legitimacy impossible.”

Chris Sinacola bravely exercises his freedom of speech within mere miles of a dozen college campuses.

Sun Spots with Hitch: Vol. 10 |  Colleges and universities have long been known as liberal bastions of debate and protest, often leading to an elevated discourse on important topics if not tangible, positive social change. Hitch, like his longtime comrade above, seems to be pining for those long lost, good old days.

Editorial: Another day, another (local) dollar |  Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are over, but you can still make an impact with your dollars during the holiday season. We look at the benefit to the local economy when you shop and give locally.

Sabrina Lee Hatheway


Sabrina Lee Hatheway

Sabrina Lee Hatheway remains missing, ex-boyfriend due in court as one-year mark looms |  Soon it will be a year since “Bina,” as she was often called, was last seen in Worcester. Or anywhere. Dec. 21, 2014, to be precise. She was reported missing on Jan. 4, three days after her ex-boyfriend allegedly attempted to burn down his grandmother’s house. Patrick Sargent provides an update, including cryptic messages from Hatheway’s mother.

Support has poured in after a devastating fire at Sweetpea animal shelter.

Courtesy Sweetpea Animal Shelter & Boarding Kennel

Support has poured in after a devastating fire at Sweetpea animal shelter.

Charity begets charity at Sweetpea animal shelter |  “Morale is excellent. My volunteers have banded together and they’re doing super with organizing donations and it’s keeping them busy. They’re very busy, but nothing has really sunk in yet. The shock is there and eventually it’s going to be a reality. There isn’t even a word to describe the impact from the public.” Find out how goodwill is dousing the flames of tragedy.

The Alien is part of the first series of Head-liners new line of retro popup toys.

Courtesy Head-liners

The Alien is part of the first series of Head-liners new line of retro popup toys.

Local Crowdfund: A little pop in your culture |  A series of reinvented wooden buddies buzzing with witty one-liners and impeccable illustrations, this new version of the original “Popsies” from the 60s offers a new customizable, user-friendly collectible that revives the impressionable era of groovier times. Find out more about Head-liners.

Worcester Weekly |  Don’t let Amazon turn you into a bunch of hermits. Get out there and enjoy the holiday season. Expand your horizons with a “Nutcracker” you’ve probably never seen before. Get your hoops on with a couple of college basketball matchups featuring city-bred top performers. Oh, and get your lists ready: Santa Claus is coming to town — like, for real. Finish up the turkey leftovers and check out the best places to go and things to do this week.

New in Free to Read:

Sun Shine: In the shadow of temptation, faith takes a stand “This is clearly not a home where there is a roaring fireplace to warm its occupants on a chilly New England fall night, and there are no expectations that the smell of freshly baked cookies will drift out of the utilitarian kitchen.” No, what happens in this Beacon Street house goes much deeper than thawed toes and filled bellies. It’s about saving souls. Bronislaus B. Kush is back to explore the New Challenge rehabilitation program.

Sun Shine: A united front in youth outreach  Dozens of organizations in Worcester have programs for Worcester’s youth. A new initiative brings together participants in these programs to showcase the good work being done and reinforces positives messages. The first Unity in the Community event sought to Increase the Peace after a violent summer. A second Unity in the Community event in October gave youth an opportunity to be involved in the local civics process. We highlight Unity in the Community and hear plans for future events.

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