Part 4: The Smoldering Bitterness of Enemies

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In mid-September of 1998, I knew the Catholic Education Secretariat was going to transfer me to another school. I knew my fate during the school year. It was because of an article I wrote for a local newspaper.

The headline was, “Shake Up in the Catholic Mission.”

This made me a target of Emil Kujabi, the Gambia education secretary. He was a Christian but very hard-hearted; he hardly said “yes” to teachers. I complained about how some teachers perceived me as a man who had come to destroy the fabric of their teaching culture and their country. The teachers talked about how I was chased out of Basse for writing about bad bread in that part of the country.

Augustine Kanjia

Courtesy of Augustine Kanjia

Augustine Kanjia at his home in Bwiam

Everyone expected me to be transferred to a distant place so that I would resign and leave them in peace. I stayed with it because I used my money to help others in my war-torn country.

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