Sun Shine: Seven Hills jobs program up and running

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That clock on the wall — the one your boss sets five minutes slow — winds down on another work day, each tick toward the promised land slower than the last, and all you can think about your job is, retirement can’t come soon enough.

Safe to say many of us find ourselves in this paycheck purgatory every now and then, maybe every Friday … or Monday … you know how the expression goes. All that daydreaming about Social Security checks and Vero Beach, yet nary a thought about what we get out of our jobs, how much we really benefit from a 9-to-5 of inanity that is anything but to some folks.

How easy it can be to take employment for granted — even today, in a constantly evolving global economy and job market — and to minimize all those things we forget we take home with us for the weekend: self-worth; responsibility; a sense of accomplishment (not every day, this one!); camaraderie; an ever-growing set of skills, both vocational and social.

Then you take a ride to Seven Hills Foundation’s Aspire! facility — still with that new-car smell, from its spring 2014 opening — a sharp right off Route 9 before the Airport Mini Mart and the impending wilderness of Leicester, and most of the way up Goddard Memorial Drive. There you might find a few people who have a very different idea about what it means to have a job.

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