In this issue, Oct. 4-10

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Here’s what the Worcester Sun has for you in its Oct. 4-10 edition:

Seven Hills-6Cover story/Sun Shine: Seven Hills jobs program up and running |  How easy it can be to take employment for granted — even today — and to minimize all those things we forget we take home with us for the weekend besides the paycheck, like a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and an evolving skill set. We know where you might find a few people who have a very different idea about what it means to have a job. Read it here.

Sun Commentary: A place for everything local |  Northeastern University journalism professor and media expert Dan Kennedy recently profiled the Sun on The piece included an initiative we had not yet announced. The detailed, well-written piece — the guy knows what he’s doing — included an initiative we had yet to make public. We announce that today, and give our members the most thorough details yet of our plans for the Worcester Sun. You don’t want to miss this. Read it here.

Editorial: Preserving and enhancing Worcester’s culture | A new mural, and a multimillion-dollar donation, were presented to Worcester in the past two weeks. Meanwhile, a street fair again packed Park Street. We reflect on the power of art and culture to enrich our community, here.

Worcester Weekly, Oct. 4-10 |  So, here’s the thing about Worcester Weekly: y’know, ol’ WW is kind of a nerd. Lectures — two this week! — and seminars and educational opportunities galore, he just can’t help himself. There’s a lot of brainpower in the city. But by the time autumn starts coloring your days and cooling your nights, ol’ WW is ready for some football, and hockey too. While you’re waiting for a big sports weekend, maybe check out another City Council debate at Mechanics Hall or something positive on display at North High. Check out the week ahead here.

To our members: On Friday afternoon, after the reporting for this week’s cover story was complete, were we made aware of legal issue related to the subject of our article. Despite our best attempts, we were not able to resolve this issue in time for this week’s edition. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will publish the article on a later date.

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