In this issue, Nov. 1-7

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Here’s what Worcester Sun has for you in its Nov. 1-7 edition.

Cover story: Examining homelessness in Worcester |  Some of the numbers will make your head spin; others will have you shaking it. But then, there’s also a successful push to facilitate and expedite the housing of indigent families and individuals through a broad spectrum of service providers in and around the city. Where does the battle against homelessness stand as another New England winter fast approaches?

Homeless camp

Sun Staff / The Worcester Sun

An encampment for the homeless in Worcester



Endorsement: Joe Petty for mayor, for now |  The race for mayor of Worcester has been long, hard-fought and at times crossed the line between negative and nasty. The race ends with the Tuesday, Nov. 3, municipal election. The Sun endorses one candidate for mayor, but not without careful consideration of the well-sewn seeds of discontent.

Endorsements: To allow for new City Council voices, someone must go |  With longtime public servants Phil Palmieri, the District 2 stalwart, and Rick Rushton, onetime council vice chairman, vacating their posts, the 11-member City Council will surely have a different look and feel regardless of your ballots. We feel the city is at a pivotal point in its history; as such the shape of the council and the discourse its members are able to advance is of critical importance. In this light, we make our choices for City Council, six at-large members and three district representatives (George Russell and Gary Rosen are running unopposed in districts 3 and 5, respectively).

Endorsements: Six for School Committee |  The results of Tuesday’s Worcester School Committee election figure to determine the path of the Worcester Public Schools for more than the next two years. We look at the 10 candidates and recommend six we feel best serve the interests of the Worcester Public Schools and the city at large.

Sun Spots with Hitch: Vol. 4 |  Hitch got himself out for some early trick-or-treating and overheard a few interesting conversations along the way. Here’s his take on the scrutiny of Mosaic Cultural Complex and the city’s handling of a multi-agency health grant.

Augustine Kanjia

Courtesy of Augustine Kanjia

Augustine Kanjia in Gambia, February 1994

Part 3: Good luck, bad luck, who knows? |  After escaping a rebel attack on a bus and then disguising himself in women’s clothes to escape villagers in Basse upset with an article he wrote regarding their bad bread, Augustine Kanjia finds himself in a village where he is allowed to teach. Despite warnings not to write any more, Kanjia gets himself in hot water with another article. Read the third installment of Kanjia’s unbelievably true story.

Local Business Spotlight: Pomir Grill |  “After several years of testing the market and participating in a nearby garlic festival, Omar and Fowzia Sherzai began to search for commercial space for their new restaurant.” … This is the origin of Pomir Grill’s story, but it is far, far away from where Omar and Fowzia’s tale begins.

Omar, right, and Fowzia Sherzai can smile now as the look back on the long road that led them to Pomir Grill on Shrewsbury Street.

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Omar, right, and Fowzia Sherzai can smile now as the look back on the long road that led them to Pomir Grill on Shrewsbury Street.

Worcester Weekly |  If you’re thinking about not showing up to one of the city’s 43 polling places on Nov. 3, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. But before we part ways, check out what else is going on in the Woo this week, including Holy Cross and Assumption tipping off on the hardwood and the Grinch getting a jump on the holiday rush.

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