Hidden Gem: Talyta’s Café

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Jakeline Estrada always knew about her mother’s love of cooking.

“She’s very creative in the kitchen,” Estrada said. “That was the way she helped us to support the household, selling food, preparing food.”

Years ago, Jakeline remembers, not even the lack of reliable transportation slowed down her mother. “She would make deliveries in my little sister’s baby stroller and she would put all the stuff on there and then carry my sister and walk her around Worcester making deliveries.”

Back then, her mother’s dream of opening a restaurant appeared it would remain just that, a dream. That changed two years ago, after eight years of Jakeline going to school and working in the hospitality industry. Jakeline, her mother, Talyta Contreras, and Jakeline’s husband, Robervan Silveira, began a journey to make the dream a reality.

That dream, Talyta’s Café at 20 Front St., will celebrate its first anniversary on Oct. 28.

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