Endorsements: To allow for new City Council voices, someone must go

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The debate is over, the forums are over, the rallies and the standouts winding down. On Tuesday, Nov. 3, it will be up to the voters of Worcester to elect a new City Council.

The final month of the campaign has seen a whirlwind of activity: the announcement of 500 jobs moving downtown as part of a planned $70 million investment on Front and Commercial streets, plans for a $30 million upscale hotel at City Square, the opening of the Recovery High School, to name just a few.

As we note in our endorsement for mayor, though, there exists a level of anxiety over the direction of the city. The next City Council needs to have the backing of the community as it attempts to reconcile the competing views of the city. It needs to be sensible, smart and energetic. Most of all, though, it will require a collective moderate temperament not seen since the election season began in April.

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