Editorial: The Mosaic audit

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On Friday the city released its internal audit of the administration of the state’s Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund grant.

[Read the report here: City Auditor’s report to City Council]

In July, the Worcester City Council ordered the audit after Councilors Gary Rosen and Michael T. Gaffney questioned the legitimacy of the Mosaic Cultural Complex, a partner in the grant. At the time, City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. suggested expanding the audit to all 11 grant participants and the vote for an audit passed unanimously.

Mosaic drew the ire of local media company Turtleboy Sports when it discovered some people affiliated with Mosaic participated in a Black Lives Matter protest in January that blocked traffic in Kelley Square and led to charges against some of the protesters. Mosaic has denied involvement in the protest.

Advocates of Mosaic countered with claims that questions surrounding its legitimacy by Turtleboy Sports, which supports Gaffney’s candidacy for mayor and whose site Gaffney advertises on, are racially and politically motivated.

Unfortunately, it does not appear the audit will be the end of the story.

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