Obituaries, Sept. 13, 2015

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Edward D. Allen, 75, of Worcester

Gertrude F. (Paula) Anderson, 89, of Worcester

Bernice M. (Fernane) Barry, 91, of Worcester

Mildred (Leschke) Bilbilian, 82, of Worcester

Florence M. (Lloyd) Brusa, 95, of Uxbridge

Robert Paul Bunewith, 81, of Worcester

Charles F. “Pee Wee” Carlos, 74, of Worcester

Joseph R. Cataldo, 67, of Worcester

Florence E. (Hilton) Dillon, 103, of Worcester

Rosemary B. Dorfmann, 89, of Westborough

Helen M. (Sposato) Gemme, 83, of Spencer

Neil Munro Gow, 76, of Sutton

Elizabeth A. (Roach) Grady, 78, of Worcester

Dorothy Barbara (Moran) Hall, 93, of Worcester and Holden

Doris A. (McKnight) Henderson, 73, of Worcester

Elaine R. (Wernholm) Klosek, 74, of Cherry Valley

Glen M. Lucia, 54, of Boylston

Ronald W. Lutz, 75, of Holden

Alice Elizabeth (Sault) Mars, 97, of Shrewsbury

Magdalena Rivera Martinez, 62, of Worcester

Valentinas Mockus, 74, of Linwood

Jessica Aleria (Saunders) Monahan, 43, of Thompson, Conn.

Tamra A. (Trafecante) Mungo, 52, of Worcester

Mary P. Nicholson, 82, of Worcester

Palma D. (DiBaro) Ostergard, 89, of New Braintree

Michael E. Rigney, 65, of Marlborough

Kenneth Lester Sleeper, 69, of Holden

Matthew Peter Stepanski, Sr., 94, of Worcester 

Myles Kenneth Tronic, 64, of Worcester

Donna J. (Johnson) Watts of Shrewsbury

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