Local Crowdfund: Everybody gets a robot!

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When you walk into Technocopia, you feel as if you’re in the presence of the next generation of great Worcester inventors.

Imagine, if you will, such famous Worcester industrialists as Ichabod Washburn, John Boynton, George Crompton, Horace Wyman and Lyman Gordon working in the same place at the same time and you begin to get the sense of what can be accomplished at this nondescript building at 95 Prescott St.

Technocopia is a makerspace. If it’s true these days that every invention was created in someone’s garage, a makerspace is large communal garage. You can also think of it as coworking space for people who build things.

Run as a nonprofit, Technocopia manages the space and tools, such as routers, laser cutters, saws, hand tools and a 3D printer. Memberships are $75 per month.

The latest invention by one of Technocopia’s members promises to bring robotics design and creation to the masses.

Neuron Robotics launched a Kickstarter last week to produce a wireless robot controller. Combined with its free Bowler Studio software and access to a 3D printer, the controller will allow people ages 8-80 to design, manufacture, assemble and control wirelessly their own robot.

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