September 6, 2015

Q&A with WHA executive director Alex Corrales

Fred Hurlbrink Jr./Worcester Sun

Alex Corrales, soon to be executive director of Worcester Housing Authority

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Alex Corrales, who started working at the Worcester Housing Authority in Great Brook Valley as a 21-year-old temp, was tapped by a unanimous vote of the WHA Board of Commissioners to replace Executive Director Raymond V. Mariano upon the latter’s June 2016 retirement.

He has been the project coordinator of the authority’s “A Better Life” program — championed by Mariano and controversial in its tact — which assists participants in pursuing work and/or school requirements to maintain their housing eligibility. The WHA is advancing the work/school requirements to all state-subsidized households, regardless of “A Better Life” participation. And three of the commissioners who appointed Corrales, 41, were to see their terms end last November.

Clearly, he ascends to a position of prominence during a critical time for the housing authority and its residents. How he got here, though, seems to have prepared him for just this type of moment.

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