Worcester Sun to debut Sunday

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The Worcester Sun is pleased to announce that its inaugural edition is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 9.

“Our goal has always been to provide Worcester in-depth, civically oriented coverage,” Sun President and co-founder Mark Henderson said. “We’re now ready to start presenting that.”

We will have an “Inside this issue” article summarizing the week’s stories. Each issue of the Sun will also bring you our cover story, some weekly features and an editorial. Those articles will require a membership.

The cost of a membership is $2 per week, less than a Venti at Starbucks or an extra large at Dunks. For that you get our best journalism in an ad-free, clean, responsive web design that works as well on handheld devices as it does on tablets and desktop computers.

We will offer single-week memberships as well as memberships of up to a year. However, in a twist from traditional media, we are pleased to announce that our membership offerings include the option not to have the membership automatically charged to your credit card. In other words, you can choose to become a member for a term that suits you.

We understand this puts the pressure on us each week to deliver news and information you find useful, informative, educational and entertaining. We’re good with that, especially if the alternative is placing the burden on our members to cancel if you’re not satisfied.

We plan to send an email two or three days prior to publication to inform you of the coming week’s edition. We will also send reminders on Sunday morning, when the issue is live, and Tuesday, for those who missed it or unplug on Sunday.

We will announce additional weekly features in the coming weeks and months.

We hope you enjoy the Worcester Sun and choose to support it.


The Worcester Sun

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