Worcester Commentary: Order up! One perfect Sunday morning, hold the eggs

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I hate scrambled eggs.

Weird, right? But I just couldn’t do it. Not scrambled, or sunnyside up — forget deviled. Never. Not sure what it is about ‘em.

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3 thoughts on “Worcester Commentary: Order up! One perfect Sunday morning, hold the eggs

  1. You forgot to mention the pound of bacon you were “forced” to eat. Nothing more American than bacon and eggs for Sunday morning breakfast. Although, those days are long gone, now I have the Sun to look forward to.

  2. I’m wondering what to expect for your coverage of the Worcester Public Schools, once they are back in session, and of the local election season. How do these topics fit into your “focus on solutions…highlight [on] difference makers…look to the future”?

  3. Hello Claire,

    Great question. I can’t say exactly what we’ll do, but I can share with you what we’ll strive to do. Our goal is to provide thoughtful, authoritative stories that provide the public a better understanding of events.

    There are numerous voices that provide numerous points of view. Existing outlets already provide that. We’ll only step forward and report when we feel we can help advance the story in an unbiased, non-partisan way.

    I hope that answers your question.