So, you want to know about memberships?

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Member center

We announced early Thursday, Aug. 6, that we’re publishing this coming Sunday.

We appreciate the incredible response, which was as warm as it was fast; according to our analytics the news went coast-to-coast in 11 minutes, a record for us.

The No. 1 question has been, “How do I subscribe?” Well, first, we consider you members rather than subscribers, but that’s quite beside the point.

We will announce tomorrow what’s in the inaugural edition. We want people to see for themselves what we are planning each week before they pay, and it was for this reason we didn’t provide a link to our member center.

What we did not anticipate was how many of you want to support us even before we publish. Words can’t describe how much this means to us.

If you choose to become a member before Sunday, please know we will extend your membership out to the following Sunday so you don’t miss anything.

All this said, here it is: Click on “Become a member to access the Worcester Sun”

Thank you.

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