In the inaugural edition of the Sun

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Photos courtesy Worcester Historical Society

Photos courtesy of Worcester Historical Museum

Here’s what’s in the inaugural edition:

Cover story — The number of people we wanted to author our inaugural cover story? One. We were very fortunate and grateful that he accepted.

Charles P. Pierce

Charles P. Pierce

Charles P. Pierce is the lead author of Esquire’s politics blog and a staff writer for Grantland, ESPN’s sports and pop culture website. He’s the author of four books, including “Idiot America,” a national bestseller.

Before he became famous and, for our money, the best in the business, Pierce, a Worcester native and St. John’s High graduate, attended St. Peter’s School in Main South and wrote for Worcester Magazine.

Pierce takes us back to the days when Worcester was a two newspaper city and tells of the interview that changed his life.

Sun Shine — This is our weekly look at people and organizations in Worcester doing great work with little or no fanfare.

Pastor Judith Hanlon

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

Pastor Judith Hanlon of Hadwen Park Congregational Church

We first met Pastor Judith Hanlon of Hadwen Park Congregational Church last year at a house party. The gathering was a fundraiser for the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force. The stories drew our support, but the group of committed individuals from Hadwen Park Congregational drew our attention.

Bronislaus B. Kush reports on the group and its clients.

Worcester Commentary — We will solicit expert opinion and commentary, and accept submissions, but the inaugural column is ours, authored by Fred Hurlbrink Jr.

Fred explains how we came up with the idea and the rationale behind launching with a  membership plan. If you want to understand what we’re attempting to do here, and why we remain undaunted, read this.

Local business spotlight — Small businesses are a vital part of Worcester’s economy. In this weekly feature we profile small businesses that are less than two years old.

Some weeks we’ll talk with business owners about how they came to start their own business. Some weeks we’ll introduce you to a hidden gem, a place someone probably recommended but you haven’t visited.

This week we talk with Charlie Dalli to see why so many people rave about his business, Shawarma Palace on Pleasant St.

Local crowdfund — There are more than two dozen active crowdfunding sites where people can solicit donations to fund a project, start a business or even supply local classrooms. We will take a look at one crowdfund we feel is worthy of greater attention.

This week we profile the efforts of local health advocate Wendy Edge and friends, including area musician Ari Charbonneau, who are seeking support in producing a documentary film about “medical kidnapping,” a process which separates children from families who seek alternative treatments.

Worcester Weekly — When trying to plan your week, some events immediately come to mind; others, not so much.

We sort through the options and present our best Worcester events of the week. We’d like to say you’d be a better person if you attended all of our events, but our lawyer says we can’t.

This week we send you to Foley Stadium for the final day of the Worcester World Cup, Ceres Bistro for the Worcester Jazz Collective and Worcester Common for the silver anniversary of the Latin American Festival. Before hitting the common, though, be sure to make it to the opening of Worcester Wares at the DCU Center.

Editorial — Overtaken by events.

The city’s dialogues on race seem a distant memory in light of the what may become the most violent summer in the city’s history.

What happens next?


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