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Here’s what’s in the Aug. 23 – Aug. 29 edition of Worcester Sun.

Joe Monfette, left, and Barbara Drapos pose with Cameron outside the Worcester Senior Center

Mark Henderson / Worcester Sun

Joe Monfette, left, and Barbara Drapos pose with Cameron outside the Worcester Senior Center.

Cover Story/Sun Shine  —  RSVP Worcester members recently provided “special packaging” for 500 bears and other stuffed animals for a local veterans support organization. The toys were distributed to needy veterans who used them as gifts. This initiative is but the tip of the iceberg. The organization makes an impact on not only the folks they serve, but those who volunteer their time to help. A sense of purpose is a powerful thing. Bronislaus B. Kush takes a closer look.

Sun Common  —  We properly introduce our free, open discussion forum with a topic close to practically everyone’s hearts (and minds): school safety. Mayor Petty was conspicuously out front on a joint announcement by city officials that detailed their decision to expand the school-resource officer program in the district. But, we have questions. Lots of questions. Help us enliven intelligent discourse on the city’s most important topics. Join this week’s school safety discussion on Sun Common.

Editorial  —  Last week we brought you stirring perspective and unique insight from participants and leaders in a monthlong summer basketball program that aimed to keep at-risk youth away from the violence that has a seemed to ensnare so many others. This week, with context from outreach experts and youth development scholars, we tell you why this program, and others like it, are so important and should exist during the school year.

Bator Lachmann in her restaurant, Basil n' Spice

Mark Henderson/Worcester Sun

Bator Lachmann in her restaurant, Basil n’ Spice

Local Business Spotlight  —  Basil n’ Spice most decidedly did not have everything go nice (-ly) when the Lachmanns endeavored to open the doors to their Shrewsbury Street thai restaurant. You’ll read about what happens when a woman with a passion for cooking decides it’s time to open her own restaurant. It’s an intriguing tale of perseverance, with a little serendipity on the side.

Related: I want to own a business. Now what?  —  Assistance for small businesses is available in the city if you know where to look. Those in the know help us point you in the right direction.

Stacy Amaral

Courtesy Stacy Amaral / Facebook

Stacy Amaral

Local Crowdfund: Stacy Amaral  —  “Sharing Voices” was more than the title to her book; it was her mission. Amaral, a longtime WPS teacher and Main South resident, tells us what set her on the path to becoming an author, how her campaign succeeded and who her book is helping now. With 100 copies printed, “Sharing Voices: Getting from there to here” won’t crack the New York Times Bestseller list, but it will undoubtedly have a lasting impact.

Worcester Weekly  —  When trying to plan your week, some events immediately come to mind; others, not so much. We sort through the options and present our best Worcester events of the week.

Broad Meadow Brook visitors center


Broad Meadow Brook visitors center

Define eclectic. Chili. Comedy. Nudity. Wildlife. Trivia. Singing. Samurai. Chowder. And neighborhoods.

Wait, did they say nudity? Yup, from nude drawing (the subject, not you) at WAM, to a Canal District chili and chowder (we hope not together) festival, there’s no hiding the abundance of interesting things you could be doing this week. Volunteer your time at one of the city’s most precious resources or simply pass it with a fun night of unique pub trivia. Shirts and shoes required there.

Editorial footnote  —  Closing the loop. The Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts scored a big win this week. It announced an agreement with the Worcester Regional Transit Authority to create a new circuitous route that serves two colleges previously not served by bus (Assumption and Holy Cross) and increases buses at Worcester State.

This is a huge win by HECCMA in connecting the schools and bringing students downtown. The new route, called Line 10, is certainly a 10 in our book.

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