Hidden Gem: Shawarma Palace

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Shawarma Palace

Sun photo / The Worcester Sun

The Shawarma Place, 3 Pleasant St.

Hidden Gem is a regular feature spotlighting local businesses you may not know about. What’s your Hidden Gem? Let us know at info@worcester.ma or in the comment section below.

Let’s face it, everyone has a list.

You’re out with friends, chatting with colleagues, discussing the day with your significant other. Someone says, “Hey, you know a place we should try?” What follows is added to your mental list of places you should visit.

It can be a restaurant, specialty store, salon — anywhere, really.

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One thought on “Hidden Gem: Shawarma Palace

  1. My first day at work in the big city, was made so welcoming because of Charlie. I told him that it was my 1st day and he took my homemade hummus (yum!) and drew a big happy face with chili oil in it. Love his food (extra garlic and pickles, please!)thanks, Charlie! Lora B.