An update on the Sun

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City ViewWe announced with great fanfare on May 5 our plans for the Worcester Sun. We’ve been busy since then, and mostly silent. We owe you an explanation.

Fred and I have been to more than 50 events in the past 60 days, civic, political and business events. We didn’t show up to network. We travelled the city to listen.

We want to do this right. We want the Worcester Sun to represent all of Worcester, not just the surface. We want to accentuate the positive when it’s warranted, criticize when it’s necessary. Above all we want to represent Worcester in a manner in which it can be proud. We hope that when we do that you can see fit to support us in our quest to create a great locally owned media company.

So here’s the update we owe you.

We’ve incorporated, we’ve signed contracts, our first TV commercial is being edited and our e-commerce portal is being implemented. We’ve studied and learned, we’ve heard the community, all in the name of gaining invaluable perspective on stories you expect to be told.

Now it’s time for us to focus on what we came here to do: the journalism. We have an editorial calendar and are enlisting reporters and editors. It’s down to this: When the stories are ready and we can accept subscriptions, we launch.

The easy work is done, the hard work just beginning.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mark & Fred

8 thoughts on “An update on the Sun

  1. Thanks for the update. I come by the site every few days to see when you start taking subscriptions . I’ve loved Worcester all my life – especially after I moved away from the city. I am so excited you guys are doing this!

    • The cost will be $2 per week. We will offer a single-week membership and other memberships of various lengths.
      A big difference between us and subscription sites is that we’ll give you the option of not having the membership automatically renew. In other words, want to try us for just four weeks? Fine. We’re not going to force you to call us to cancel a recurring credit card transaction.

  2. Can’t wait to subscribe! The “other game in town” is out of touch, tired & old. Unlike fine wine some things don’t get better with age. Looking forward to a fresh perspective.

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