20 Franklin

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20 Franklin Street

For a century, 20 Franklin St. was where journalism in Worcester was done. From well before the days of the Evening Gazette arriving before dinner to supplement that morning’s Worcester Telegram, hundreds upon hundreds of professionals endeavored to inform and enlighten the community.

Centuries of collective experience and institutional knowledge echoed in the dim stairwells and musty back hallways, even as the journalists who lived for the frantic trek up those stairs and down those halls were forced to leave — one way or another — eventually for good, and the venerable old pile of bricks was made to reinvent itself.

Now, 20 Franklin St. is whole again. Thanks to the Worcester Business Development Corporation and others too numerous to name, the former T&G building is where the next generation is being educated and state-of-the-art software is being developed. It’s also well on its way to becoming a shiny, bustling, modern home for innovative, forward-thinking commerce.

And it has a new tenant.

The Worcester Sun is proud to announce it will immediately begin working in The Innovation Center of Worcester.

20 Franklin Mark and FredThe Innovation Center of Worcester, which is operated by the Accelerator Division of The Venture Forum, comprises 15,000 square feet of space within the former T&G building.

We believe a home downtown, in the heart of the city — and in an environment bubbling over with ambition and possibility — only serves to amplify our intention to provide the best, most in-touch journalism for the diverse and involved communities of the Seven Hills.

“We are ecstatic to have this opportunity to work close to, and closely with, people creating the economy of the future,” Sun President and co-founder Mark Henderson said. “That this also happens to be a building that was synonymous with media for more than 100 years is icing on the cake. To us, it’s the perfect place from which to launch an innovative media company.”

At 20 Franklin St., where the ghosts of newspapers past still motivate and inspire. Where Worcester journalism lives again.

8 thoughts on “20 Franklin

  1. Are you kidding me, it’s 2015 and you’re starting a newspaper?!? As a 25 year old living and working in the city I can’t even remember the time I looked at newspaper or even looked at a local newspaper’s site. Maybe I live in a bubble or I’m not your demo but I’m not sure how you plan to make money?

    • Rob,

      To answer your first question, not exactly. We’re digital-only at first and have plans to launch a Sunday paper in the future.

      Let me answer your second question with a question. We believe there are stories in Worcester that deserve to be covered but aren’t. We’ve been going to events in and around the city the past couple of months learning what those stories are. So, let me ask you: What are the issues that you as a 25-year-old who works in the city think deserve to be covered but aren’t?



  2. Exactly what Lynn Miner Flynn said!! How perfect, seeing Mark and Fred opening those doors!! LOVE THIS!!

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